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BLUE IN GREEN is Sabine and Martin, couple and parents in real life.

Sabine loves chocolate, holidays, running when the weather is nice but not too hot and enjoying her children (Lenni & Alma)

Martin loves chocolate (him too), sailing, traveling, cooking and discovering new things with his family.

Dreamers and entrepreneurs, lovers of the oceans and those who inhabit them, sensitive to ecology and aware of the importance of preserving our planet, it seemed normal to imagine a sustainable clothing brand that contributes to the preservation of marine ecosystems .

Blue in green switzerland, organi cotton, clothes, love, ocean, whale, baleine
Thread, blue in green switzerland, oceans, whale, organic cotton


BLUE IN GREEN is the Swiss brand of organic cotton clothing that protects the oceans, but not only. It is above all a project of sustainable development, respectful of the environment and ethics.

Our garments are made with cotton "100% organic", with vegetable fibers that consume less water (EcoVero) or with recycled materials and have the GOTS and Standard100 labels of Oeko-Tex.

Eco-friendly clothes are good, but it's important to respect those who make them. That's why all of our clothes are made by companies recognized and certified by the Fair Wear Foundation.

BLUE IN GREEN also contributes to the protection of the environment by donating 10% of each order to organizations protecting the oceans and marine ecosystems.

Finally, in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we made the choice to ship all our parcels, once a week, in order to limit transport pollution between our stock and our logistics partner. We also chose to send our order in reused cartons.

With BLUE IN GREEN, we propose to protect the oceans by dressing.


BLUE IN GREEN is the meeting of the blue of the ocean with the green of ecology and sustainable development. The oceans represent two thirds of the surface of our planet. Regulators of our climate, they remain largely unknown. It is therefore essential to protect them.

With BLUE IN GREEN, we commit ourselves to donate 10% of each order to organizations protecting oceans and marine ecosystems. In concrete terms, this is organized as follows: Each year, at the begging of august, we define which project we will support throughout the year and, in July of the following year, we transfer the amount raised to the organization in charge of the project. We have chosen to support only one organization during a year in order to donate a significant amount, but also to have the time to present in more detail each supported project and to allow you to know a little more about the organizations that carry. We will not fail to give you news of the projects during the year.

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