Frequently asked questions

I do not have a credit card or PayPal, are there other payment solutions?

Yes, you can also pay for your purchases by bank transfer. You just have to follow the indications present when you choose "manual payment" in the payment options.
Once your order has been placed, you have 3 days to pay into our IBAN account. If this is not the case, your order will be marked as canceled.
Do not forget to put the order number in the comments of your payment.

I just ordered something on blue-in-green.ch, when will my order arrive?

Normally orders arrive within 3 to 5 days for customers in Switzerland, 5 to 12 days for customers in Europe and 10 to 20 days for other customers. I still tell you that all our orders are shipped on Friday. If you ordered on a Saturday, you will have to be a little patient.

Where are the clothes produced and under what conditions?

Our clothes are made with 100% organic cotton. The entire production process is controlled and certified according to the latest version of GOTS. All products are labeled as organic.
The clothes are then made in an Indian factory whose working conditions comply with the FWF Code of Labor Practices in accordance with the conventions of the International Labor Organization.
Finally, in order to reduce our carbon footprint, our garments are made from raw materials with low ecological impact as well as in a plant powered solely by green and renewable energies.
The caps are made in Vietnam, also in organic cotton "gots" and with inks meeting the " OekoTex" criteria. Of course, with the respect and dignity of those who make them.

Do you really give 10% of my order to non-governmental organizations?

Yes really!!
There are no hidden fees. If you order for 50.- we will put 5.- on an account provided for this purpose.
At the end of the year, we will organize the transaction with the chosen organization.
We will also give you the amount for transparency.

Do you have any other questions?

Use the contact form or instant messenger. If your question can be used by other users, we'll add it to this topic.

I want to order from abroad, should I expect to pay taxes?

Unfortunately yes. Indeed, despite the fact that BLUE IN GREEN is not subject to VAT in Switzerland, the countries to which we send apply the current VAT. For example, if you order in France, you should expect to pay the 20% VAT charged in that country. We are sorry for this situation currently have no solution to remedy it.

I can't add items to my cart or other site elements are not working, what should I do?

If our site does not work properly on your browser, this is usually related to cookies. You may not have fully accepted cookies, which affects your browsing experience and prevents the operation of certain elements (choice of size, addition to the basket, etc.). If this is the case, we suggest that you completely delete the cookies concerning our site and saved on your browser, to reload our page and to accept our cookies again.
At the end of your visit to our site, if you do not wish to keep our cookies, you can delete them again.
To learn more about how to delete cookies, go here.