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The BLUE IN GREEN adventure ended on December 31, 2022, after 4 years of activity.

During these 4 years, we collected 10% of all our sales and donated them to ocean conservation associations. We have thus supported the "Swiss Cetacean Society", "SeaPlastics" and "Rrreefs", for a total amount of 6500.- (CHF).


We thank you very much for your support during these years and hope that we will continue, each at our level, to take care of the oceans and marine environments.

Discover the projects we have supported and some figures


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Creation of the brand 

Swiss Cetacean Society: As the first association for the protection of the oceans, we have chosen to support the Swiss NGO "Swiss Cetacean Society. This NGO studies and lists cetaceans, mainly in the Mediterranean Sea and supports projects to safeguard marine fauna. Find out more here

SeaPlasics: After being interested in marine mammals, we tackled the issue of plastic pollution by supporting the French NGO "SeaPlastics. This student NGO has set itself the task of studying the origin and impact of plastic pollution in the Mediterranean Sea and to raise public awareness of this issue.

To learn more, click here

Rrreefs: After France, return to Switzerland. This time, it is the problem of the devitalization of coral reefs that we have chosen to support thanks to the Swiss NGO "Rrreefs". The project of this association is to rebuild damaged coral reefs by stacking 3D printed clay bricks. The first sea trials are very promising and deserve to be followed closely. To learn more, click here

End of the BLUE IN GREEN adventure on 31.12.2022



1800 vêtements vendus

Uniquement fabriqués en coton biologique certifié et produits en respectant les critère de la Fair Wear Foundation. 

Plus de 800 clients

Sur notre boutique en ligne et bien d'autres encore sur les marchés et dans les boutiques partenaire

1 boutique en ligne

Et 3 boutiques partenaires en Suisse Romande

1000 MERCIS 

Pour ces 4 belles années et même si l'aventure s'arrête, nous garderons d'excellents souvenir de nos échanges avec vous!

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